Where quality meets quantity: Sanmina’s Haukipudas facility: A certified partner for medical engineering companies

Since its inception in 2001, Sanmina’s Haukipudas facility has been partnering with leading high technology companies around the world in the design, development and product launch of complex electronic products. With ISO 13485:2003 (EN ISO 13495:2012) certification, and a fully equipped clean room, the Haukipudas facility is also committed to manufacturing high quality medical products. “Precision and care are essential when manufacturing reliable medical instruments,” says Haukipudas Plant Manager, Eeva-Liisa Kylmänen. One of Sanmina’s 75 facilities around the world, the Haukipudas site was once a former Nokia plant. “While mobile manufacturing has declined in our region, the medical electronics manufacturing market continues to grow, and we are emerging as a leader in providing services for this industry,” says Kylmänen.

Its highly-skilled engineering team and strong test engineering and development capability helped the Haukipudas facility endure times of economic uncertainty: from the decline of Finnish telecommunication and the contract manufacturing of other devices to the relocation of production to India and China in the mid-2000s. Now, due to rising economic development in Asia, many companies are coming back to the Finnish town. According to Kylmänen, returning companies are also attracted to the facility’s experience and comprehensive capabilities. “This kind of talent doesn’t relocate very easily,” says Kylmänen.

Assistance throughout the value chain

Better known for its partnerships with large, Tier-1 companies, Sanmina, a leading Integrated Manufacturing Service (IMS) provider, has been partnering more frequently with smaller businesses on a regional basis. Many smaller companies can leverage Sanmina’s strong, end-to-end manufacturing expertise. “Often, start-ups approach Sanmina with an initial concept, but need help in the design, manufacture, testing or delivery of their product,” says Kylmänen. “We help in every step of the process. With our extensive global footprint, we can go through the value chain with the client’s interests in mind.” Customers always maintain their rights to the product IPs.

In addition to the medical field, the Sanmina Haukipudas facility also serves key markets, such as the telecommunications, multimedia, storage, automotive and commercial aviation industries.