Visions of the near future: Haltian’s Visionary Labs makes ideas into reality

An image of a three-dimensional green box is spinning on a television screen. “This is something we’ve developed in our Visionary Labs”, explains Ville Ylläsjärvi, Haltian’s Creative Director. He’s holding a plastic see-through case, which seems durable but not exactly exciting. But it soon is apparent the excitement isn’t in the looks. The case is a tracking device for valuable cargo, and it’s transmitting all the tilts, position changes and minute movements to the screen using regular mobile phone data networks. “There’s a slight lag between action and presentation, but that doesn’t matter to us – the idea is to know when and where things occur.” Haltian’s idea is that not too far in the future, most cargo deliveries would have a similar box in every container, replacing the current method of reporting cargo mishaps by hand while tracking the cargo every bit of the way.

Ylläsjärvi is in charge of Visionary Labs, Haltian’s muscle for taking ideas and making them happen. “Ideas happen everywhere, so from the very beginning we decided to have a process to hone them into reality. Visionary Labs has three tasks: keeping our personnel vitality and motivation high, creating new IPR, and creating references in order to get leverage for our marketing via innovation.” He continues to explain that innovating and making something new is their way of distinguishing themselves against mass competition, and for a small company, thinking creatively is the only way to get noticed.

“Innovations can start from personal interest, from a need, a market situation, or just a hunch of what will happen. One of the main interests we share with a lot of companies is the Internet of Things – machine-to-machine interaction. Wearables are another main interest, intelligent clothing in general – there’s no knowing where ideas will lead. But that’s why we have this process, and it’s a totally new way to approach product development.”

Not content with just improving their products, Haltian also invests heavily in making their service processes more efficient. “It can vary a great deal client to client, but for each and every one, we want to deliver the best possible experience when dealing with us. With top tools, top talent and the best possible method for making it all click, it’s only fair to expect great things.”