Oulu – world’s wireless wonder: Intelligent Oulu generates global success stories

Did you know that one of the largest technology hubs in Europe can be found in the capital of Northern Scandinavia, Oulu? The story of Oulu quite remarkable: this urban region of some 250,000 inhabitants is the source of a number of revolutionary innovations: smart phones, heart rate monitors, medical breakthroughs, even the Air Guitar World Championships, which promote world peace. Oulu’s success story was built by educational institutions, the public sector and private companies, all working together. As a result of this cooperation, Oulu has become one of the most competitive economic areas in Finland.

The cornerstone of Oulu’s ICT sector consists of top expertise in the fields of wireless technologies and cell phone networks, as exemplified by Nokia, Ericsson and dozens of other companies. As the telecommunications sector has matured into a stable industry, Oulu’s business landscape has also opened its doors to new focus areas. One example of this is the application of ICT in the health and well-being sector, which has become a fast-growing industry. Oulu’s multidisciplinary university, where medicine and ICT meet in a completely overhauled university hospital, also serves as a unique growth accelerator and the birthplace of numerous innovations. In addition to this, Oulu has strong expertise in high technology product design, which internationalizing SMEs can use as leverage on their journey towards becoming global success stories.

Willpower is Our middle name

Oulu is constantly and boldly reinventing itself, and the city has learned to succeed by placing its trust in expertise, innovation ability, cooperation and internationalization. The residents of Oulu believe in their own ideas, and in this city of entrepreneurs, people also have the courage to make their dreams a reality. The startups and new business development borne from these dreams are supported by the Oulu region’s venture capital mechanisms and a fruitful business cooperation environment. With the right kind of support and encouragement, we can make sure that promising Oulu-based companies enter the international market as quickly as possible.

The availability of a young and committed workforce that is full of ideas is ensured by the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences, which invest heavily in top research and guiding students towards entrepreneurship.

Oulu Innovation Alliance (OIA) generates cutting-edge global business from research, development and innovation projects and ventures. OIA integrates top know-how from printed intelligence, wellbeing technology, cleantech and 3D internet and brings together research institutions, businesses and public sector organizations.

About BusinessOulu

BusinessOulu is responsible for implementing the city’s industry policies and providing companies with development services.


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