Oulu Life Science: Bio Meets Nano and IT

Our 200 life science companies heading abroad

We have world’s best wireless IT expertise evidenced with 200+ products and technologies brought to markets. Our LifeScience research gains top grades in international evaluations. Its expertise is in use in leading LifeScience companies. Tomorrow of future health and business is a vibrant blend of ICT and LifeScience (bio, medtech and healthIT) and is based on collaboration and innovation.

OuluHealth – at the heart of innovation

OuluHealth is an ecosystem, located in Oulu Finland. It is dedicated to combining the different specialized fields in health, natural sciences, information technology, academic knowhow and business to create patient-friendly technologies, prosperity and wellness in the Oulu region.

Oulu Medtech grows faster

We are good at medical and other health-related devices – traditionally. Today the business field represents nearly 50% (€1,66 billion) of the total Finnish export and is the number 1 in the hi-tech export. The Oulu Medtech grows faster. The pool of innovative start-up companies grow all the time. They combine wireless IT and LifeScience and move fast to global market. This new company pool is strengthened by experienced IT companies entering the medtech business. We are happy introduce selected medtech companies in this NewTech edition.
This is Oulu today. We welcome you to learn more.

Tuula Palmén
Key Account Director, LifeScience, Ph.D