Kyynel offers unparalleled security: Investors just gave two million reasons to believe in it

If you think the first Finnish wireless triumph was a certain mobile device giant, think again. In the late 1930s, the Finnish army developed the original Kyynel radio system, which was more portable, secure and efficient than anything around that time – so much so that the Finnish army, along with other countries’ forces, kept using it for decades. Now, it’s also the name of a recently established company and their main product, due for release in a matter of months. Kyynel – that’s “teardrop” in English – has its radio roots not only in history, but also in its CEO.

“It’s one of those things where hobbies connect with studies and become something else,” explains Toni Lindén, CEO of Kyynel. Recently having successfully finished a funding round with Finnish VC investors Butterfly and Inventure, it seems that their connections are paying off. “I’ve been a radio amateur for the past 20 years or so, and while researching electronics at the University of Oulu, we started thinking about the high frequencies of radio transmissions. They’re used in everyday radio, but little modern technology is utilized in high frequency wireless systems.”

Durability and security matter

This idea led the founders thinking about long-range data transfers, and how they could be made more secure. “The system’s security has been top priority for us since day one,” he explains. And it’s no wonder. The Kyynel allows the user to conduct safe data transmissions anywhere in the world with proof of reliability, based on the client’s needs. “If you think about wireless traffic solutions in remote Arctic areas, there aren’t many choices at the moment. Once the client’s specific needs for network access have been defined, we can offer a wide and customizable variety of applications for the system.”

The company mainly offers its services to the authorities and the private sector, with extreme immunity from external disruption in the traffic it provides. “We can build a one-on-one network, where one end accesses online services required via the other, making the traffic safe from any interruption or disruption, or we can build a network of Kyynel stations,” states Lindén. “This setup has already attracted a great deal of interest from some global corporations, since it prevents any possibility of industrial espionage, especially in countries where piracy laws are lax. Now they can share classified product files without having to fear external access to those documents.”

Growing global, staying local

Although Kyynel has focused on global business from the very beginning, the company sees its Finnish-based product development as a significant plus. They’re currently conducting everything on their native soil – product development, manufacturing and subcontracting for required services. And once they have the product on the market, the subcontracting services required will grow dramatically. However, they’re not looking at cheaper labor markets. “Our aim is to acquire as much subcontracting from the Oulu region as possible. And we’re talking about amounts that are significantly bigger than you would normally expect for a company of our size.” In the future, they’re going to develop their product line and services further, all the while growing as a business, but with care. “So far, we’ve avoided heavy recruitment, but you can expect more positions to open up once we have launched.”

Kyynel isn’t only a solution developer. The main idea is to tailor solutions to every customer’s needs, based on their operations and location. With their experience, they are confident they can deliver solutions for any breach risk regarding wireless transfer with their product. They also know how to use their nationality as a marketing bonus. “We operate in the business of data transfer security, and Finns have a very good reputation in that field.”