Intelligence on wheels: Elektrobit opens an automotive software site in Oulu

As Elektrobit’s automotive business has continued to grow, the company has now decided to open a new software development site, offering the company the opportunity to hire skilled software engineers for the growing automotive software business. The new site is planned to have up to 40 software engineers by the end of 2014, focusing on the development of embedded automotive software.

EB’s Automotive Business Segment currently employs over 1 100 persons in Germany, France, Austria, Romania, USA, China and Japan. With the introduction of the new Oulu site, Elektrobit can further grow its software engineering capacity for current and future needs. The site will be located in Teknologiakylä Oulu, where the company’s Wireless Business Segment operates.

”Software and electronics in the cars are the major innovation drivers in the automotive industry, where driver assistance, as well as connected services and integration of consumer and mobile technologies with the in-car infotainment and connected services have become key differentiators in the market. Oulu is the ideal location for us with a highly skilled workforce that is important for our development activities as a software company”, says Alexander Kocher, President of the Automotive Business Segment at Elektrobit.

”The new automotive software development site in Oulu is a great opportunity both for EB and engineers in the region. The market for automotive software is growing and we are confident that the market can benefit from our long-standing experience in the wireless connectivity”, says Hannu Huttunen, President of the Wireless Business Segment at EB.