Bright, secure ICT from Oulu

Technological excellence and creativity breed a lot of cool stuff, and it is not always easy to stay up to pace with all the goodies out there. However, we at Oulu New Tech want you to have the latest info on arctic fabulousness. Therefore, we would like to present a small glimpse of awesome things, made right here.

iLoq lets your phone be the key

Smart locking in general has advantages over mechanic locks: they wear much less, they are easily changeable and modifiable in large numbers, and administration of access rights is a breeze. However, traditional smart locks require external electricity, either via cable or from a battery – and this is a cost that does not diminish over time.

With iLoq NFC, the lock no longer requires a connected power supply in order to function – it receives power from the phone. Launched in CeBIT 2016, the innovation is extremely easy to use: just touch the lock button with your phone, and you can turn the handle to enter – that is, if you have access rights. “Our innovation gives a rapid boost to the smart lock market. It makes smart locking the best solution where there is a need for high security and real-time access management of locks and users,” says iLoq CEO and founder Mika Pukari. The iLOQ NFC is so small it fits almost any kind of lock cylinders, padlocks or cabinet locks, and is easy to install by replacing the existing lock without extra installation work on the door. Real-time access rights management is handled by the iLOQ Manager cloud service.

Bittium offers security in a phone that is hard to break

After shedding its skin from Elektrobit to Bittium, the company has focused on highest security level mobile communication. With its own Bittium Tough Mobile LTE mobile phone, the company leads the way towards military-grade communications security, and with a full software and OS development based on Android, the package is nothing if not chock full of reliability and security.

The Tough Mobile itself is a sturdy quad-core Android phone with heavily boosted security during boot and runtime, with secure data storage and detection for tampering. It is IP67 dust and water resistant, and also military standard 810G shock resistant. Add to that the Bittium Secure Suite, and your phone is the vanguard of security, with cryptography, secure push and device lock along with safety features found only in the spy movies.

So, should you happen to drop this phone, you might have to worry about something else breaking instead of the device.

Become enlightened with People’s Light

Imagine a lamp without a light bulb. That is exactly what the Finnish textile giant Finlayson set out to do, and the result is a soft lamp with LED lights inside it. The lamp itself does not break easily, it is flat enough to ship in an envelope and, of course, comes with various Finlayson patterns.

“A lamp doesn’t have to look like a lamp if the new design serves its purpose better,” says Finlayson CEO Jukka Kurttila. The People’s light is the first consumer product to utilize LEDFOIL technology, developed and perfected by the Oulu-based company Flexbright. The technology is energy efficient, does not heat in use and gives steady light for approximately 100,000 hours.




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