Not another remote R&D joint

From mesh networks to new business cases, Haltian is ready

The radio technology design and development house Haltian has been working on a few mesh network cases for some time. With positive feedback from their pilot project with health and caretaking company Caritas and a new launch coming soon, it’s no wonder they are feeling confident. “With the growing number of connected devices, it sometimes isn’t feasible to think about point-to-point networks”, says Pasi Jokinen, VP of Business Development in Haltian. For instance, when the location has a lot of obstacles or diffusion surfaces, the signal isn’t always optimal, and adding devices doesn’t help the network issue.

This is where the mesh network comes in. As devices form the routing to the gateway themselves, the network adds in trustworthiness as more devices are introduced. “We’ve developed our technology for a few years now, building custom solutions for custom needs”, says Jokinen. With Haltian’s expertise in customer-driven technology solutions, they now contemplate on a generic approach that the customer could customize. “Who knows, maybe even a consumer model.”

More than just R&D

What gets Jokinen really excited in Haltian is more than the technology he gets to play around with. Without any public fuss, Haltian has advanced their position as a contact point for start-ups. They have a working mass production collaboration in Finland and Asia, and a global delivery network set up. This makes them a worthy companion indeed. “An engineer’s mind likes getting to solve a problem presented by a start-up with enthusiasm”, he says.

Especially when there’s so much more to it than meets the eye. For a device idea, the hardware development costs 1-2 million Euro, with the connectivity, sensor design, end applications and devices, server side and data representations to consider. So, there are some requirements for the start-ups. “In general, we’re looking for small, agile companies who want to enter the 10 million Euro export range and can handle the development costs”, Jokinen states. So where are they looking?

“We work with Fortune 500 companies and we work with start-ups, and both are near and dear for us. But it’s a matter of pride and love for us to be able to help especially Finnish companies with an idea.”