Global perspectives

CommScope started a new R&D site in Oulu. Here is why

When the network giant CommScope started scouting new RF products R&D sites, they came up with multiple choices: Germany, Sweden, USA – and Oulu to name a few. “Of course, having our clients at the location was very important, but not the only reason”, says Mika Hedemäki, Director, Program Management from CommScope. He’s one of the key figures in getting the site in Oulu, and now responsible of making it work full speed – something that seems easier than it actually might be.

For those not in the know, CommScope creates infrastructure for the constant evolution in network technologies, enabling a connected lifestyle. Part of CommScope’s business is making  products protecting and preserving the signal from the most elusive kinds of interference, and make the communications more reliable and carefree for us users.

It’s all in the experience

The Oulu R&D site is important as it is just because of the working experience it holds. Employing 10-15 people, the site holds more than 200 years’ worth of experience in radio frequency filter development. For CommScope, this is pure gold. “There isn’t any formal education about developing RF filters”, explains Hedemäki. “All the know-how is in the experience. You learn in the trade.

So, the reasons why Oulu was chosen are becoming clear. Experienced work force, two network technology giants in one location – and, not surprisingly, an extremely flexible, reliable and efficient support network. They received immediate support in tracking down the best talent, services and partners, something not found elsewhere. “The ICT business support system is unparalleled in Oulu. BusinessOulu opens doors to new collaborations, which is a definite advantage to us”, concludes Hedemäki.