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Bittium’s BrainStatus takes EEG brainwave diagnostics to a wireless level.

With the recent release of their Bittium BrainStatus electroencephalogram headpiece, Bittium makes possible wireless, connected and machine aided diagnostics in brainwave scans. The lightweight, disposable headpiece connects to the cloud wirelessly through a gateway device, providing any consulting doctor with instant data to provide a diagnosis for a patient with a head trauma, or a severe acute epilepsy.

The relative ease of use when compared to current EEG devices, the wireless connectivity and Bittium’s history and experience in military-grade encrypted devices are all strong plusses for the new device, says Chief Engineer Matti Sarén from Bittium. “There are many improvements to current solutions, like attaching the BrainStatus to the hairless area of the head, so any hair removal is unnecessary. Also missing are the bundles of wires, which are still common in the EEG systems in hospitals.”

Enabling improvements to larger scale

Although BrainStatus in itself achieves more than its predecessors, the biggest change is still yet to come. “In the following phase, we will find places in the treatment chain where the live data can be efficiently used, like acute traumas”, explains Sarén. As BrainStatus enables a longer continuous chain of easily acquired data, the future is in the analysis.

“With BrainStatus, the doctor now can access previously measured EEG data with the real-time data, and look for differences that may explain the situation and lead to an accurate diagnosis”, Sarén says. But this is only the beginning.  Even now, the system removes spikes in the EEG that are autonomic and proven to be irrelevant to the actual scan, like the autonomous eyeball movement when we close our eyes. In the future, as the data now is consistent and continuous, more accurate pre-diagnostic tools can be developed to help the work of the doctor. “In the end, it is always the human who makes the diagnosis. But we can speed up the process with machine intelligence”, says Sarén.