Flexbright’s tech in your windshield

After the successful collaboration with NSG Pilkington, Flexbright is about to start a production line in Oulu

A few months ago, there was made an announcement of collaboration between windshield manufacturer NSG Pilkington and  LEDfoil technology company Flexbright. The technology will first be utilized in heavy public transports such as trains and buses, but there’s no reason why it couldn’t spread to the personal sedans and hatchbacks of the public. The gist is that while now trains and buses have an information screen as a separate, heavy box that then displays information through glass, the new innovation allows direct display to the windshield.

“In the new windshields, a millimetre-thick LEDfoil is laminated directly inside the glass. This cuts down on separate technology costs from car and train manufacturers, and also makes the vehicles less heavy”, explains Flexbright CCO Atte Varsta. Also, the new kind of windshield provides NSG Pilkington’s “basic product” a new edge in competition.

The bright future ahead

Flexbright may not be a company you’ve heard of, but you may have seen their products. “Our technology has been widely used in architecture lighting, consumer products, car industry… It’s actually a matter of imagination where you can utilise the LEDfoil tech.” It’s not a wonder the lighting industry is currently at least worth 50 billion dollars, and LEDfoil technology alone in billions. This means big growth opportunities for Flexbright.


“We are opening a production line to Haukipudas later this year”, says Varsta. That’s a change from the still ongoing trend of India or China. “We focus on added value in technological excellence, and aim for extensive local and national partner networks to produce and develop the products.”