Elektrobit: When only the best is good enough

When Elektrobit was presented with a challenge to develop a finger usable, connected wrist wearable device with an icon based UI, they pioneered the market with a smartwatch that had 2G/3G connectivity, a finger usable UI and state-of-the-art wireless processing power. Another example is the Satellite 3G Smartphone, developed for a U.S. based client. Unlike the usually cumbersome satellite phones, this small device is the world’s first integrated smart phone, with both satellite and 3G connectivity, running on the Windows Phone OS.

The company, however, doesn’t just boast device manufacturing clients. For instance, when they began to develop a broadband network for future defense needs in the field, Elektrobit came up with one of the world’s most advanced wireless broadband data networks ever built for military needs and standards – based on IP technology, enabling a much greater data throughput, bringing efficiency to operations in the field.

Elektrobit (EB), a developer of cutting edge wireless products and solutions, was established in Oulu in 1985. With over 25 years of experience, EB is the preferred development partner for numerous OEM’s within telecom, consumer electronics, as well as within the defense and public safety industries. In 2012, EB’s turnover was 185 M€, EB is listed in OMX Helsinki.

Find out more about Elektrobit at: www.elektrobit.com