Aava Mobile’s technology will create a new way to shop

For the past three years, Aava Mobile has used their know-how in mobile device manufacturing and accessorizing towards presenting companies with viable mobile hardware solutions for their specific needs. “At the moment, we control the full device manufacturing process with our own testing, all the way through – with a system that fits in a suitcase”, says COO Kari Räisänen.

Aava Mobile manufactures in two factories, located in Shanghai and Tallinn, but as Räisänen says, it is only the hands and the production line that are not Aava’s own – everything else from the idea to testing to final stages is made in Oulu. “Concentrating the important stuff in one place is a source of strength for us”, he says.

Make the sale where it is decided

Aava has grown since we last talked. The personnel now exceeds 85, with almost 80 of them in Oulu, and the company has revenue in excess of 24 million Euros. “Our target for 2016 is a hundred people and 60 million – and 140 people and 100 million in 2017,” says Räisänen. The reason for the leap is that they are just about ready to enter the lucrative and quite untapped mobile point-of-sale space, where they have a ready network of partners ready.

The whole idea is quite simple: why wait until the cash register and risk the shopper has a change of heart? Aava Mobile already ships stationary tablets with barcode reading accessories, so the transition into mPOS is not only lucrative – it is logical.

The right partners

Last November, Aava announced their collaboration in mPOS contactless payment with Ingenico, the global leader in seamless payment. With Verifone already on their partners list, the future does not look uncertain for the company. “Working with such partners gives us the benefit of covering a big part of customer payment methods in one fell swoop,” Räisänen explains.

With already tens of thousands of devices sold and shipped, Aava Mobile has not only proof of concept, but also proof of delivery. It has to be said: Aava has completed a 360-degree turn in their business with success. The company now makes money in licensing their technology as well. “Our original business idea was to license technology on reference basis, but we soon realized that with the experience we have as a team, we should make our own products. Well, in the end it turns out it’s much easier to license something once you’ve shown it actually works,” he laughs.