CareMORE: feel better with IoT: CareMORE: feel better with IoT

One of the current winners in the Internet of Things field is the health science wearables. Bracelets, watches, patches and clips measure a multitude of data, which the user reads either from the device itself or from an online site after the data has been uploaded. The problems are not in the measuring or providing data, but in consistency, user experience and especially, the essence of IoT connectedness.

With centuries’ worth of cumulative experience in radio communications and hardware development for several industries among them, Lewel Group’s CareMORE platform is a logical step in so many ways. “The idea is to bring the IoT methodology to healthcare and life science, and to do it in a manner that’s easy to use and to implement”, says Aleksi Ukkola, Business Development and Engineering Manager at Lewel Group.

The Life Coach in your palm

Although the main idea sounds simple, the technology and the programming behind it is not. With the multitude of devices already out there and more coming almost daily, the user usually ends up with separated pieces of information with little or no connection in between the devices. “Let’s say you exercise, but eat too much pre-prepared foods off a supermarket shelf usually containing quite a lot of salt. With CareMORE, the gathered data will be combined not only to give a detailed analysis of what you’re eating or doing, but what you should change.”

Ukkola shows an online chart generated during the development. “One of the important things in personal health is blood pressure, which is closely linked to your sleep cycle. If you sleep well, your blood pressure will stay quite low during the night and the next day. However, if your sleep is affected by stress, alcohol or just by not sleeping enough during the night, your blood pressure will rise.” Although sometimes seen trivial, it’s no small thing if it becomes a habit: this would mean you’re tired, have higher blood pressure and most likely don’t get enough physical exercise. “Now, with CareMORE, you would be notified: this, this and this combined together is detrimental to your health, and you probably should think about this, this and this.”
Winning combinations

Lewel Group doesn’t not seek their own product line in making CareMORE, though. They’re more interested in providing a wider platform base to companies who already are in the wellness device business. “We’re looking at a wide field of manufacturers who want a reliable method for data analysis and personalised output”, he says. Acting as a health gateway, the CareMORE could well prove to become a de facto platform for device manufacturers looking to interconnect their product lines in a feasible manner.

“We’re looking at a rapidly increasing demand for services focused on solutions like these. Mobile applications have become an integral part of the day, so tracking one’s own health is not only easy but continuous”, says Ukkola. This definitely shows in the market development of the medical device industry, where large manufacturers are initiating projects to combine miscellaneous sensor data for mobile output. “What we’re after is more on the coaching side: not just gather the data and analyse it, but draw detailed conclusions and suggest them to the user.”

CareMORE will be published for iOS and Android in Summer 2016 through selected device partners.

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