Bringing industries together: BusinessOulu’s Industry Summit to be held on October 8-9

Having doubled its participant count last year from the year before, the Industry Summit is now a key component in combining “regular” industries with ICT and services in the search for business opportunities. The summit will bring together several areas of talent from various technologies, where the development of competitive edge is a vital ingredient in business growth.

One audience favorite is bound to be the Trading Centre contacting event, which was launched at last year’s summit. In the event, companies have an excellent opportunity to meet decision-makers from chosen industries and participate in investment projects at national and international levels.

Another useful event will be the InfoCorner, which focuses on growth and internationalization. Visitors will get a fresh look at the markets of several target countries like Russia, the Baltic Countries, Turkey, the UK and Japan, and listen to speeches on financing opportunities and investors from Nasdaq OMX Helsinki, Butterfly Ventures and Finnvera, among others. In addition, the summit features a seminar, with key speakers coming from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Neste Oil and Statoil ASA.

ICT boosting industry

At the moment, Oulu’s key actors in the ICT field operate in product and device development of mobile networks, wireless information transfer and the design of wireless DTEs. As a cluster of wireless information transfer and radio technology, the region is in a class of its own, and world-class companies and research and educational institutions are working on product and device development in Oulu. One number says it all: over 7,000 experienced engineers work in the field’s research and development sector.

In the future, ICT competence will also serve other business lines more comprehensively. ICT competence will be applied in other growing fields such as life science, Cleantech and mining industries as well as nuclear power, logistics and commerce. Oulu therefore offers a diverse environment for the development of new products and services right at the intersection of different industries.

Registration for the event has already closed, but further information and seminar material can be requested from BusinessOulu.